Why We Chose In-Country Partners Over Direct Entities for EOR

(HINT: We’re Committed to Providing a Jaw-Dropping Experience to Each Client)

A personal message from CEO Eynat Guez…..

As someone who has worked in the global employment industry for 20 years now (experience comes with age!) and established more than 10 EOR companies globally, I’ve decided to personally address why we chose the in-country approach instead of opening entities everywhere for our EoR clients.

It’s because our clients deserve the very best. Setting up a local entity is the easy part. All it takes is some time and money and you’re up and running with an entity in any country. BUT this alone will not meet our goal of providing best-in-class employer of record service with full legal compliance.

In order to achieve that, you need REAL experts on the ground – people who live in the country and have an insider’s understanding. They know all of the fine details and unique demands of the country. Think of it like people who speak a native language compared to people who learned the language later in life.

Moreover, requirements for compliance change frequently. In most direct entity models, companies are saving money by using regional teams instead of a local team in every country. Their representatives cover multiple countries within a region. That approach leaves many blind spots. Read the full analysis of things you should know when considering your global hiring strategy.

When we decided to launch Papaya, I knew all the challenges and solutions of the industry from years of experience. The decision not to set up entities was made IN OUR CLIENTS BEST INTEREST, to be able to choose the best in-country partner to work with them. We also wanted to create a layer of auditing and compliance. This is similar to the field of finance – maintaining separation in accounting and auditing processes creates a layer of control, so that the auditing is independent. Otherwise, the accountants are just auditing themselves, and missing their own errors.

That’s why Papaya decided to go the long route – to invest in technology alongside the best experts from the legal, compliance, and benefits fields to represent the client’s best interests and bring real support to their global growth.

That’s what differentiates Papaya from the rest of the industry. We combine the highest compliance standards from our in-country partners with the ability to meet all of our clients’ specific needs.  We are here for our clients, walking with them hand-in-hand through their international journey.

Don’t just take my word for it, hear it from external industry analysts:

  1. Every single customer said that Papaya provided a jaw-dropping customer experience. All of them were used to having to deal with numerous international PEOs, lawyers, and payment methods, which they had no interest in doing, and working with Papaya allowed them to handle international employees and contractors without any of this hassle. They loved that you made the experience so simple for them, and that they did not need to repeat the same manual process for every new person they worked with.
  2. People love that you have always offered the widest breadth of functionality when it comes to paying international workers. We had spoken with some customers who had looked at a number of competitors, and all of them spoke to how Papaya has always been the leader with regards to the deepest integrations into international PEOs and offering international employment before any other next-gen competitor did.

We’ve come to the realization that you are providing a true “jaw-dropping customer experience” that is penetrating into a huge and nascent market.

That’s what Papaya is all about – the best technology, and highest calibre partners, and the most knowledgeable support services. That’s what makes us the smartest global People and Payroll platform on the market.

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