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You Asked, We Answered: Why Papaya Payments?

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The Problem:

Managing payroll used to be easy – you simply tracked your workers’ hours and paid them at the end of the month. Today, managing payroll and payments on a global scale – with the need to keep track of and comply with regulatory changes and to pay in local currencies – is simply too complex to manage on your own.

Without the proper tools, from HCM and ERP integrations to payment automation, managing global payroll and payments often becomes too slow, inefficient, error-prone, and costly, and can really put your business at risk of non-compliance. 


That’s where Papaya Global’s Payroll OS comes in – we have built the first fully automated and unified system for all your global payroll payments requirements.

With our platform, you can process global payroll and make global payments to your entire workforce, plus local authorities and 3rd party vendors, through one self-served platform – and pay in multiple currencies in more than 160 countries.

Why have we built a dedicated payroll payments platform? Because payroll payments are not like any other payment. You need to make sure your employees get paid on time in their local currency, and you want the remuneration to be marked as salaries in bank statements. After all, your employees don’t want to see their money coming from a 3rd party vendor – they want the funds to originate from you, their employer.

So, how do we do that? Papaya is a regulated payments provider, and we leverage the most powerful financial systems infrastructure – J.P. Morgan Chase and Citibank – by sitting as close as possible to the global banking rails.

What’s in it for you:

As a Papaya customer, you get a dedicated virtual wallet funded in the currencies of your choice. With this dedicated wallet, you can fund your entire global workforce payroll.

The fact we have our own rails allows us to pay in the fastest possible way. In many locations, it’s an instant payment, i.e., on the same day; and in other locations, we guarantee that remittances arrive within 72 hours.

What’s more, our customers enjoy full transparency every step of the way: from payroll data calculations until the final cent is deposited in the worker’s bank account. In addition, with its suite of automations and integrations, the Papaya OS streamlines the payroll ledger management process.

So, why should you use Papaya for your global payroll payments? It’s simple:

  1. You get a unified platform that streamlines your global payroll and payments.
  2. You can sleep tight knowing we have bank-level security standards.
  3. You finally have full transparency of the entire payroll and payment processes.

Augmented by Papaya’s willingness to take full liability if something goes wrong and our proven track record of innovations in the workforce management space, the result is truly a one-of-a-kind solution that can propel your organization into a new era of financial efficiency.


Many finance leaders are already enjoying an upgraded payments operation with Papaya. Naturally, though, as this is a truly innovative solution, many decision-makers approach us with some great questions about Papaya OS’ capabilities. Here are answers to two of the most frequently asked questions:

Can Papaya help me avoid managing multiple local accounts manually?

Enabling international organizations to avoid the incredible hassle of creating a foreign subsidiary in every location and managing multiple bank accounts worldwide is precisely what we designed our e-wallets to do.

Thanks to Papaya’s global reach and coverage, and because our e-wallets allow you to fund them in any of the seven major currencies, you can deliver payments in more than 100 currencies. So you don’t need local bank accounts to deliver payments globally.

With Papaya’s payments platform, a global company can make remittances to any type of worker, local authorities, and benefits vendors worldwide – all with one e-wallet, funded in your currency of choice and paid in more than 100.

What Makes Papaya Global’s E-Wallet unique compared to other payment methods?

We are proud to offer the first and only payroll payments platform that was built specifically for managing global payroll payments. In a nutshell, here’s what makes our solution stand out:

First, we designed and built our own payment rails – as opposed to relying on non-optimal 3rd parties. Our bespoke rails, in addition to our partnership with J.P. Morgan Chase, make our e-wallet’s underlying infrastructure optimized for global payroll payments – hence quick and accurate.

Additionally, we take full liability for the entire process – from funding the e-wallet to the actual disbursement – so you know your payroll is in safe hands.

Furthermore, connecting with a bank via an API to make payments is essential nowadays, as many fintech solutions need to be associated with banks. And our partnership and API connection with J.P. Morgan Chase – one of the main reasons we can set up virtual accounts so quickly and efficiently – allow employers to deliver global payroll payments in as little as 72 hours and, in many cases, same-day payments.