About Papaya

Welcome to Our New Design!

Papaya is proud to introduce our new website and brand identity.

The design captures the essence of Papaya. Three years after our founding, we are entering a new stage, with greater focus and clarity, but without giving up the verve and energy that got us where we are today.

The new look is simple, clean, and modern – like the platform we created. It suits the new world of work we are helping shape.

Our new logo features a sphere with two distinct halves – representing our two-track approach to global payroll, payments, and workforce management. We are global and local; automated and human; innovative yet familiar. The two half circles merge into a seamless whole – just as our platform combines information into a single dashboard.

The full circle also represents our total workforce management solution. Payroll, EoR, or contractors – whatever type of worker you need, we’ve got you covered.

The new design is closer to the reason we chose the name Papaya for our company at the start. We wanted a name with the word “pay” in it. But we also wanted to create a uniform workflow in global payroll. We discovered that the word Papaya remains “Papaya” in over 80 languages across the globe! That’s Papaya Global – a single way to pay that is understood across the entire world.

With our new look and feel, we are ready for the next stage. We invite you to join us as we continue to scale to new heights.