Top 10 Best Employer of Record Services

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When your company wants to enter international markets, an Employer of Record (EOR) service will help you hire and expand in countries where you don’t have entities , while remaining compliant with local laws.

On paper, an EOR is the legal employer of new hires in a given country, while your company manages employees’ day-to-day workloads. Not all EORs, however, are the same. It’s often tricky for management to weigh all the different EOR options and ensure providers have:

  • Local experts in the countries you’re hiring in with knowledge of local laws, customs, and legal processes to ensure compliance
  • A transparent pricing model so you’re not stuck with hidden fees
  • Strong support teams who can quickly solve issues as they arise
  • Adherence to the strictest data security and compliance laws

This guide will help you navigate several employer of record companies, provide an overview of each provider’s services, its pros and cons, and a list of key features so you can be confident in your choice and put your energy on expanding the business.

What are the top 10 employer of record  service providers?

Here’s a detailed list of the top employer of record companies and what each brings to the table.

1. Papaya Global

As a top global workforce management solution, Papaya Global is an all-in-one payments and payroll platform, global workforce wallet, and employment services provider, but for the purpose of this guide, we’ll focus on Papaya’s EOR. For a full competitor comparison visit this page.

Papaya EOR employs local experts who ensure full compliance and seamless onboarding. These certified specialists are based in the country, speak the language, stay updated on all compliance and legislation, understand the culture, and are backed by the best CPAs in the region.

Papaya doesn’t simply work with local partners, they vet each expert and require each to meet strict SLA and compliance standards to ensure quality service.​

When using an EOR, it’s only natural companies will have questions or need assistance, but many EOR providers don’t have the resources to provide support that goes beyond the basics. Papaya’s team of dedicated customer support managers are available 24/7 on multiple channels, abide by the highest levels of compliance, and are 100% liable for clients’ payroll.

The cherry on top? Papaya combines technology and global HR expertise for a renowned EOR experience. Clients can easily manage all EOR workers across the globe on one platform. Papaya’s software provides clients with one source for all employee data and analytics for an intuitive, up-to-date view that ​reflects changing global regulation.

Key features:

  • Designated Country Experts (DCEs) hired by top-tier accounting firms and CPAs that manage payroll, financial, legal, and compliance
  • One automated platform to manage all EOR workers, payroll, contractors and payments anywhere in the world
  • A dedicated   With a bank-level security you can pay anywhere in any currency.
  • Best in class professional support for legal, benefits, equity expertise, and more
  • 24/7 access to both Papaya personal portal and Papaya’s Whatsapp chat to guarantee unmatched service
  • Comprehensive data insights for smart decision making
  • Resources and support for global immigration and global equity management
Papaya ProsPapaya Cons
Global coverage for 160+ countriesA solution designed for onboarding multiple EOR employees
Dedicated CSMs and access to self-help portals and Whatsapp supportRequires a deposit
Local compliance guaranteed or Papaya takes liability
Payments that always come through when they’re supposed to
Local expertise matched with seamless technology
Papaya follows the strictest data privacy regulations
Built to scale and can support the largest enterprises
Fully functional integration center that allows companies to seamlessly synchronize third-party workforce data to the Papaya Platform

2. Remote

Remote is an employer of record company that caters to remote teams and employers with remote workers. This EOR provider’s platform has HR, payroll, and benefits features for remote employees.

As far as pricing goes, Remote has a transparent pricing policy, without hidden fees. Expect to pay $599 for their EOR and $29 per contractor per month, though you’ll need to pay extra for top-tier support.

Key features:

  • Payroll and benefits management (including employees’ salaries, applicable taxes, and withholdings)
  • EOR Payroll and support for over   with no interchange fees
  • Intuitive platform with self-service options
  • Employees get paid in over 100 currencies
  • Data analytics tools
Remote ProsRemote Cons
With entities in all EOR locations, clients to work directly with Remote instead of third parties for hiring, onboarding, and HR activitiesMissing support standardization, so clients may have different support experiences
Free EOR services for hiring refugeesFor global payroll, Remote does not make payments on client’s behalf
No hidden fees
Expert support is an add-on with extra fees
Entities active for fewer than 5 years, with less then 5 years of operation
Lacks flexible payroll processing times
No integrations with accounting or expense management systems
Funding only USD, EUR, GBP currencies or credit/debit card

3. Safeguard Global

Safeguard Global handles from recruitment to payroll, managing talent from 170+ countries. Many customers report ease of use and full accessibility as one of the platform’s strongest selling points. For companies big and small, Safeguard supports clients via online chat and email.

In terms of pricing, Safeguard’s do not disclose the pricing   for their EOR services and access to partners or in-house entitles.

Key features:

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Safeguard-owned entities
  • Supports foreign workers
Safeguard Global prosSafeguard Global cons
SG has dedicated account managersMixed reviews on their customer support
Coverage in 170+ countriesDoesn’t come with advanced tools or technology to streamline payroll
Not as consistent with invoicing and payment when it comes to their EOR services

4. Rippling

In addition to their EOR, Rippling offers global HR, Finance, and IT in one place. Clients receive real-time visibility into net pay and taxes for more control over their payroll processing. This allows clients to easily run payroll and pay employees in their local currency.

Rippling’s payroll processing is automatic so clients don’t need to manually enter employee data and carry out calculations. To get started, clients need to set the correct pay periods for employees, review payroll, and approve it.

Key features:

  • Services include compliance monitoring, automated tax filings, accurate time tracking, and reporting
  • Fully automated platform
  • Rippling handles all compliance and employee training
Rippling ProsRippling Cons
HR, IT, and finance software availablePricing isn’t as transparent compared to competitors
Automation decreases need for manual data entrySoftware solution does not integrate to HCM/HRIS systems; sold as an all-in-one solution to substitute both HCM and payroll systems
Caters to U.S. and UK based companies only
Not as cost-effective as some competitors

5. Oyster HR

Oyster HR offers EOR services in 180 countries around the globe. As with top-rated competitors, Oyster HR provides hiring, compliance, payroll, and benefits support all over the world. Oyster promises they’ll handle the hiring and onboarding details so businesses can focus on strategic objectives.

The automated global employment platform helps their clients hire workers in 180+ countries. Their EOR ensures compliance and liability coverage, taking responsibility for protecting employee data and reducing security risks.

Key features:

  • Payroll with built-in reimbursements and bonuses
  • Employee cost calculator to compare the costs of hiring in different countries
  • Contractor to employee conversion tool to help employers run the numbers to justify the switch
  • Guided onboarding and offboarding process
OysterHr ProsOysterHr Cons
Low price compared to robust offerings, starting with $499 per employee/monthEOR services only available in around 125 countries
Supports payments in more than 120 currenciesLacks advanced reporting capabilities
Contractor vs. Full-Time Employee Analyzer tool helps companies make smart hiring choicesDoes not fully utilize automation compared to competitors
Higher chance of payment processing delays than other EORs
Reports of buggy features

6. Globalization partners (G-P)

G-P helps companies find, hire, onboard, and manage teams in 180+ countries. When it comes to employees’  , the company stands by their promise to send compliant employment contracts in minutes.

Like other employer of record companies, G-P offers cutting edge, SaaS‑based technology that utilizes HR and legal experts to help businesses safely expand.

Key features:

  • Vetted partners
  • One secure login that’s accessible anywhere in the world
  • Digitized options that make presenting offers to candidates quick, compliant, and easy
G-P prosG-P cons
Vetted partnersSometimes difficult to receive timely responses from support
Local, in-house HR expertsLack of visibility when it comes to previous invoices
Platform negates need to store data in email and spreadsheetsOnboarding lags at times
Some clients reported the platform wasn’t always easy to use

7. Velocity Global

Velocity Global is an EOR that—like competitors—prioritizes compliance. Its services are available in more than 185 countries and they handle hiring and onboarding while ensuring compliance with local labor laws.

A few elements worth noting:

Velocity Global mostly focuses on EOR services, but it does offer global payroll and contractor management. For more comprehensive  , however, you will need to look elsewhere.

Lastly, you will need to contact the EOR service provider’s sales team for a custom quote for EOR services

Key features:

  • Services include global payroll, onboarding, equity, compliance management, and benefits
  • Several layers of security for safety assurance
  • Virtual onboarding
  • International relocation and visa assistance
Velocity Global ProsVelocity Global Cons
Available in over 185 countriesRequires 30-day notice for offboarding employees
Globally-compliant equity programMixed reviews when it comes to customer service
Workspaces are available in 120+ countriesPricing is not transparent

8. Multiplier

EOR provider Multiplier is a global employment platform that compliantly employs workers anywhere in the world. Multiplier’s services cover typical EOR functions such as onboarding, payments, employees’ payroll, taxes, and benefits.

Multiplier helps companies manage their global teams from one dashboard, while their EOR service  handles all local labor law compliance responsibilities.

As one of the cheaper EOR options, Multiplier will run clients $400 per employee and $40 per freelancer, though be mindful that their onboarding and support response times aren’t the fastest.

Key features:

  • In line with market offerings, Multiplier uses one platform for global employees’ payroll, insurance, expenses, time offs and timesheets
  • Compliant contract system
  • Customizable insurance policy packages
  • Freelance-friendly platform
Multiplier ProsMultiplier Cons
Enables hiring hire in 150+ countriesCustomer support isn’t as quick to reply or problem solve as other EORs
Cost effective with good supportReports of late payments
User friendly platformInvoice process isn’t straightforward for many

9. Horizons

Using in-house and local professionals, Horizons provides EOR services in 180+ countries. Their services include: employee onboarding, contractor management, global payroll, and candidate sourcing.

Horizon prides themselves on quick onboarding and transparent pay cycles. As with competitors, Horizon offers customers 24/7 access to the global playroll platform. Key features:

  • Ability to pay employees in local currencies
  • Offboarding management
  • Compliant payroll system
  • Full HR experience
Horizon ProsHorizon Cons
Earned wage access EOR supports 180+ countriesNo free trail
HR servicesHorizons doesn’t offer a payroll-only solution for companies that have their own entity or subsidiary
Can pay employees in local currenciesUses 3rd party payment providers to process payments
Don’t have a mobile app for employees to access their payslip

10. Deel

Deel is a well known EOR clients can use to hire employees in 150 countries. For $599 a month, this is a relatively inexpensive EOR provider that helps companies hire quickly and quickly scale.

Deel offers customer support through their online chat, ticketing system, and CSMs available to enterprise clients.

Key features:

  • Legal entities in 150 countries
  • Support for onboarding and offboarding
  • Integrations with other HR platforms
  • Compliance management
  • As with Papaya’s solution, Deel’s platform enables clients to manage contractors and employees in one place
Deel ProsDeel Cons
Easy onboardingDeel is relatively new in the market and lacks the compliance expertise other solutions provide
Lower starting pricesDoesn’t take on full liability for compliance
Many features have an additional cost
Document localization is limited

Protect, run, and empower your global workforce with Papaya Global

Looking for a technologically advanced EOR that provides trustworthy support as you scale and manage your global workforce?

Look no further than Papaya Global. On this powerful platform, clients receive comprehensive 24/7 customer support, access to country experts for a 100% compliance guarantee, a complete EOR, payroll, and payments solution for total visibility into your workforce, and a global wallet backed by the strictest security measures.

Companies can scale while Papaya handles all the heavy lifting for payroll, financial, legal, compliance, and HR-related activities. Papaya Global is more than an EOR, it’s the only platform that combines payments and payroll into a solution fully designed for a global workforce. Schedule a demo to learn more.