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Global Workforce

The Future of Global Workforce Management is Closer Than You Think

Today’s workforce is increasingly distributed and dynamic. Multiple offices, geographies and time zones, in-house, remote and hybrid workers, and fast-changing requirements of compliance, benefits, and turnover.

Despite these realities, the majority of payroll technology is built for local needs, considering a single location and a homogenous type of worker. This is regularly handled in a silo on-premises, even where added capabilities such as benefits management, time and attendance or reporting and analytics is managed on the cloud. Bringing this all together into a single consolidated global framework has huge benefits not only for HR but for the entire organization.

HR as a Force for Transformation

Back in 1998, the Harvard Business Review threw down the gauntlet for Human Resources teams, demanding that “HR should become an agent of continuous transformation, shaping processes and a culture that together improve an organization’s capacity for change.”

In the 20 years since that vision – how many organizations have risen to the challenge? In many cases, HR’s work still seems disconnected from the rest of the organization, rather than leading the way towards transformation. It’s time to make a significant change, going further than picking up siloed cloud services. If successful, HR will be able to take its place as a department with extended influence across the workforce to provide clear business results. These include:

Visibility: How long do your teams spend aggregating and manually processing information? From the monthly payroll within HR, to expense management, tracking payments, and clocking hours across the business. See it all at a single glance no matter where employees work around the world, and you’re freeing up staff for higher-value tasks.

Future-focus: Flexibility and agility is a key differentiator. We live in the era of the cloud, and most organizations have dozens of systems in place to manage their people, processes and payroll. Pull it all together into a single system for everything from accounting to benefits and expenses, (and whatever innovation comes next) and your IT, Security and Operations teams will thank you for it.

Analytics: When all of your HR and payroll information is in a single place via, and data can be collected, aggregated and standardized from multiple sources, the potential for business analytics goes through the roof. Which is your most expensive overseas office, and why? Which vacation package equates with employee morale or productivity? What factors have contributed to turnover? The possibilities via a consolidated business intelligence suite are endless. Suddenly, HR becomes a revenue-saving arm of the organization.

Security and Compliance: Regulation needs to run like clockwork behind the scenes of every process under your roof. With global mandates, siloed systems and multiple stakeholders, how can you be sure you’re in control? Working through a single SaaS vendor who is GDPR, ISO 27001, and SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant is a fantastic start. Now add your own corporate policies and compliance needs once, and obtain ultimate peace of mind with all your activities from day one.

Ease of Use: Why are multiple stakeholders manually collecting and managing your payroll information, when you wouldn’t accept this elsewhere in the business? A single cloud-based system makes searching for and storing information seamless, and adds automation to the case for manual and repetitive or cyclical tasks. With an aggregator model, you also get a single point of contact that works with multiple time zones, languages, cultures, and regulations.

Realize the Potential of Global Workforce Management

Papaya Global is a local and global end-to-end people management solution, covering everything from hiring and onboarding employees, contractors and remote workers of all kinds, to management and payroll of a global workforce. At all times, we ensure 100% compliance and zero payroll errors in 140 countries. Our unique Center of Excellence model provides the targeted advice and insight you need for your particular enterprise and its own policies and workflows, alongside a streamlined and standardized technology backbone which has been truly built for purpose – the first of its kind.

Our latest eBook is an Enterprise Playbook for Global Payroll, and provides a high-level view of the evolution of Human Capital Management. We deep dive into the benefits of using a single solution for global payroll, and how to use this approach to see ROI across the business. It’s a must-read for today’s HR decision-makers.

Interested in achieving a single, centralized core for your global workforce? Download the eBook here.