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A Global Payroll Solution is Quicker Than You Think

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Key Takeaways

  1. Papaya’s HCM Cloud Connector offers a one-day HR data sync, reducing data implementation time by 90%.
  2. The HCM Cloud Connector offers an opportunity for companies to become industry leaders by streamlining their payroll and staying ahead of the competition.
  3. Implementing the HCM Cloud Connector allows companies to seize opportunities, improve efficiency, and stay agile in an evolving business landscape.

If you’re holding off purchasing global payroll software that can save you time and effort because you think implementation is too long, you need to learn about Papaya’s HCM Cloud Connector. The new AI-powered tool cuts HR data sync from one year to just one day.

Some companies and business leaders will always be taking a decidedly defensive posture, cutting costs and playing it safe until the dark clouds clear. Especially in times of global economic downturns.

It’s a reasonable response to the current state of uncertainty, one most leaders adopt seemingly by nature: cut your bets and lower risk until the path forward is clear. Now’s just not the time to make major changes to the business, they say.

When it comes to managing their global payroll and payments operations, they would rather suffer through many more months of manual processes, losing time and resources doing repetitive tasks – like downloading expense reports from HR software and uploading each one to the right employee account, one by one. Not to mention the compliance and security risks such manual processes bear.

Delaying an upgrade to global payroll seems like a prudent decision. But it’s not, for (at least) two reasons. And both revolve around Papaya’s powerful, groundbreaking product – the AI-powered HCM Cloud Connector.

One Day HR Data Sync

The HCM Cloud Connector is Papaya’s newest entry in the AI field. It syncs your HR software with your payroll platform accurately and in no time. It cuts data implementation time down by 90%, reduces the overall payroll processing time by 30%, and brings sync errors down to a whopping 0 – at no additional cost.

It’s a game-changer for the payroll industry and it would save you time and money on your global payroll operations. But that’s not why it would be a mistake to wait (even though saving time and money is just what companies mean by “efficiency.”)

The reason is how much less time and effort it takes to get your payroll up and running thanks to the HCM Connector.

Some companies need a whole year to set up their HR sync software. Even then, industry standards indicate a 15% fail rate in payroll migrations. So it makes sense that companies would be wary of taking on such extensive projects, tying up resources they may need if the economy continues to flail.

But with Papaya’s HCM Cloud Connector, all that is over. It doesn’t take a year to implement the HCM Cloud Connector. It doesn’t take a month, or even a week. It takes a day. And not even a whole day. It takes a matter of hours. Start the implementation when you get to work on Monday morning and you’ll be done before lunch.

With your HR data fully synced with payroll – whether that’s HCM, HRIS, or Excel files, the rest starts to fall into place. So the commitment is far smaller than you realize.

That’s what makes it a real game-changer. And it’s why waiting to upgrade to payroll automation is a mistake, especially in light of the second reason.

Who Will Lead Your Industry When the Dust Settles?

While most business leaders are taking a defensive approach, McKinsey has identified an emerging wave of new leaders it calls “ambidextrous leaders” – leaders who are adept at playing offense AND defense.

“We see a second type of leader —one who is taking all the right defensive actions while also leaning into the volatility, using it as a catalyst to galvanize action around new opportunities,” they write.

“The best leaders and companies are ambidextrous: prudent about managing the downside while aggressively pursuing the upside.”

And that is the second reason why waiting on something you plan to do – something that requires much less time and effort than you thought originally – can turn out as risky as taking the leap. While just about everyone sees risk and downside, a few new-breed leaders are sneaking up behind them and grabbing opportunities.

The HCM Cloud Connector is creating opportunities for companies that are willing to see it. It’s taking the time and complexity out of payroll software implementation.

Don’t miss out. Your competitors surely won’t. Schedule a demo to learn more.