Security payroll system checklist

Payroll & Payments: A Secure Connection

The vast majority of global companies are still processing payroll in a completely manual way. And it is leaving them vulnerable to cyber-criminals. As payroll is most companies biggest expense and biggest liability – it should be clear by now to all security professionals: your biggest threat is hiding in your finance department. It’s called payroll. and in this post we will discuss payroll security.

The remedy starts with the automation that global payroll tech providers can offer. But outsourcing global payroll and payments to the wrong vendor may increase your organization’s exposure to privacy and security breaches.

The answer to that lies in finding the right partner, one that is as committed to your data’s security at least as much as you are. One that has all the credentials to prove it.

See the below to learn why our secured end-to-end Papaya Payroll OS offers the highest security measures possible.

Certified Gold

Only systems that comply with the highest standards available, maintain a strict privacy policy, and employs safe communications procedures, should be trusted to keep your data safe. That’s why certified and audited to the highest international standards for data security.

That includes:


ISO 27001

A leading international standard for information security management, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining a robust information security management system (since 2018).

ISO 27701

Providing a framework for managing and protecting personal data, identification of privacy risks, and specific requirements for data governance and incident management, this certificate assures data privacy through a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS), demonstrating it has been verified and is in compliance with the standard.

SOC1 Type II

This highly-valued audit report evaluates how a service provider’s internal controls affect how customers control their financial reporting.

SOC2 Type II

This audit report examined Papaya Global’s controls in security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.


This badge covers cloud-specific areas beyond SOC 2, in accordance with the CSA’s Cloud Controls Matrix, composed of 197 control objectives in 17 domains, including the full breadth of cloud technology.

Practices Make Perfect

Getting certified once is great, but security is a 24/7 challenge. Here are the practices and financial controls we take that keep your data is safe 365 days a year. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We host data on multiple AWS Availability Zones. All system components are duplicated in each zone. If something happens to an Amazon data center, it can move Papaya’s data away from the disruption.

GDPR and CCPA Compliance

An automated compliance and accuracy engine contains safeguards to ensure highest standard of data privacy, supported by an internal audit for every payroll cycle.

Role-Based Access Controls

Detailed user permission keeps track of who is allowed to read or edit data in different departments, giving access only to those who need it.

Segregation of Duties

By formalizing and segregating duties and assigning access permissions, Papaya minimizes the risk of data exposure and provides an added level of protection for clients.

Data Encryption in Transit

All communication in Papaya Global’s platform is encrypted end-to-end, using HTTPS protocol.

Data Encryption at Rest

Data at rest is always encrypted. Any access to the data must be authenticated through a validated, enabled user account – authorized through a dedicated role.

Principle of Least Privilege

Papaya grants the least possible access to the least number of people to ensure that access permission goes only to those who need it.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Papaya Global users can access multiple applications, such as email, calendars, documents, etc. through one login. The centralized system streamlines operations for users and reduces potential entry-points for malicious activity.

Prevention: Better Than Cure

Security threats never sleep, so neither do we. Our teams work around the clock to prevent tomorrow’s problems from becoming today’s.

Full security transparency

Clients can request access to Papaya’s online security passport which contains our ISO certifications, SOC reports, latest PT results and everything security decisions makers need.

WAF Protection

All data is filtered according to company policy in order to block unauthorized entry and reduce the risk of malicious software infecting individual computers or entering the system.

Dedicated Security Team

A professional security team is always on hand monitoring the security of all of Papaya’s assets and available to answer questions and handle customers’ requests or reports.

Data Backups

All critical and irreplaceable files are backed every eight hours and saved in a separate location.

Periodic Testing

Database recovery tests are performed every quarter, more than the industry standards of 1-2 times per year. Penetration tests are performed regularly.

Awareness Training

Our workforce must undergo awareness training at least once per year. All new hires undergo a detailed training during the onboarding process.

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