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Paternity Leave Survey

We wanted to see what companies were providing for paternity leave, both in how they support and encourage a culture of fathers taking leave and their official company policy. The idea was to see how men are being supported as caregivers.

Fathers all over want more time at home to help care for their children, help their spouses and be provided with better financial support when the time arises.

The promotion of paternity leave is to also help improve the treatment of women employees. By allowing men and women both the chance to be primary caregivers, lets women to equally chose the role they wish to play.

In a recent study Papaya Global held among 50 companies in the high-tech\publicly trade sector on paternity leave in the UK, we received the following results:

All the companies offer the same benefits for both parents:

5 companies (High tech/publicly traded/100+employees) offer 15-19 weeks paid leave/

25 companies (High tech/publicly traded/50+employees) among them: Twitter & Microsoft, offer 20 weeks of paid leave.

10 Companies (High Tech/publicly traded/100+employees) among them: Etsy & Aviva, offer 26 weeks of paid leave.

Worth mentioning:

Accenture offers 36-39 weeks of paid leave.

Vodafone offers new parents 16 weeks of fully paid leave and a further 6 months of working a reduced 30-hour (4 days a week) on full pay.

Share with us the paternity benefits in your organization!