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Papaya’s New Workday Integration ‘Connects the Dots’ in Global Workforce Management 

In global workforce management, variances in compliance and processes desperately need technology to integrate and streamline platforms and data. So, of course, we’re taking unifying all things global workforce so seriously. 

And that’s why we’re proud to announce that Papaya Global is now a certified Workday HCM partner, integrating Workday’s popular applications with the Papaya Platform. 

Starting today, UK users of Workday – a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources – can transfer payroll data from their applications directly into our platform. 

In the past, when Workday users wanted to transfer data to Papaya, they had to log in to Workday, export the data, convert the file to a Papaya template and upload the template manually to the company file. In short, it took a lot of time and effort. 

With this first of many connectors, the information will automatically transfer from Workday to Papaya every day – with no involvement from the Workday user. It doesn’t get much easier than that.   

And that just stage one of our integration. Ultimately, our partnership with Workday (an investor in Papaya) will have full API integration for both inbound and outbound data. All pre-payroll data for the entire workforce will flow through Workday, and all post-payroll data will be consolidated through Papaya. 

But even at stage one, Workday users will see immediate benefits: 

  • No manual data input – everything is run directly through the connector, dramatically saving time and reducing security risk. There is less room for human error to creep into the data and fewer points of vulnerability throughout the process. 
  • More data available – Workday’s HR data, time-off reports, worker documentation, compensation and benefits, expenses, and time tracking now flow directly to the Papaya Platform. When the API is complete, Papaya will send back Journal Entry files, payslips, vendor invoices, leave-balance, and accrual. 
  • Fastest integration possible – with zero implementation fees or support required, you’ll get automated daily sync between Workday and Papaya to ensure that all data stays up to date and is available in real-time. 

Unifying Global Workforce Data and Processes

The integration with Workday is a major milestone in our groundbreaking approach to unifying all workforce processes and data to create a single source of truth around global payroll data. 

Our mission is to connect the dots between all the different workforce tools companies use so that every system is “speaking” to every other one. Integrating the systems is the only way forward. 

In today’s age, there are so many layers of local laws and regulations. Siloed systems are making managing a global workforce harder, not easier. Companies often use separate payroll providers for each unique country where employees are paid. 

But Papaya Global seamlessly consolidates payroll data and processes securely and brings powerful, unified visibility and experience into the business’s main cost driver and greatest asset — its workforce. Unifying all things global payroll will better empower HR, finance, and business leaders with a consolidated view of their workforce. 

Our partnership with Workday HCM, ongoing integration with HRIS system BambooHR, and expense-tracking system Expensify (and other partnerships we will announce soon) advance our vision for building the ultimate Payroll Tech Stack. 

Learn more about Papaya’s integrations and partnerships and how Papaya can help you manage and pay your global workforce. Schedule a demo today.