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Papaya’s HiBob Connector: A Natural Sync

Embracing seamless HR-payroll data integration was never easier than with Papaya's dedicated HiBob connector

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Key Takeaways

  1. Papaya’s new HiBob Connector is an out-of-box solution allowing for quick and seamless HR, PTO, and compensation data integration
  2. Implementing the HCM Cloud Connector allows companies to seize opportunities, improve efficiency, and stay agile
  3. Spend just moments connecting your HiBob HR data to the Papaya OS with full security and compliance.
  4. Not a HiBob user? Check out our HCM Cloud Connector, the “universal remote” of HR data for always-quick onboarding.

Data integration has earned its title as one of the most cumbersome payroll processes there is. It’s bulky, drawn out, highly prone to errors and compliance mishaps, and of course: expensive.

At Papaya, we understand the time for a change has come, and have been investing significantly in providing clients with the best possible technology solutions to ease the pains of HR data onboarding and syncing – en route to fully automating your payroll & payments processes.

So, why spend up to a year on integrating your employees’ information when, with the right technology, you can be spending less than one day?

Introducing Papaya’s new HiBob Connector

As part of this journey, today we’re thrilled to announce our newest dedicated connector – this time with HiBob, the HR platform revolutionizing the way you manage your workforce.

This connector allows for robust, comprehensive integration between the HiBob platform and Papaya OS, including:

  • Syncing data like employee details, compensation, PTO, and salary updates
  • Supporting a wide range of data attributes between Papaya OS and HiBob
  • Tailoring and customizing which data to integrate according to your specific needs

With this announcement, Papaya comes one step closer to our goal of making payroll – every single aspect of it – as seamless and effortless as possible.

What Papaya’s HiBob Connector Means to You

This out-of-box connector is all about making your data integration process easier, throughout the payroll cycle.

Here’s what you can expect:

Instant and effortless onboarding

With our HiBob Connector, your HR data is integrated into Papaya OS in seconds rather than months.

With just a few clicks, the integration is done, with no additional effort on your part: you just watch as all the data is populated and accurately labeled.

Wondering where the mapping on your part comes in? It doesn’t. Our connector takes care of all that fun stuff, freeing you up for other tasks.

Now THAT’S what we call streamlined payroll.

Still curious about the smaller details of this connector?

Visit our dedicated HiBob connect page here to learn about its “sync frequency,” and “trigger,” “connector type,” the exact data fields included – and more.

Data security at its best

By using a single connector, you’re ensuring no employee information falls victim to human error, miscalculations, or any other risks that can pop up along the way. On top of that, Papaya Global always keeps local compliance requirements front and center – and that applies to our HiBob connector, as well.

Smooth scaling

Got a growth mindset? Then you’ll really enjoy this – our HiBob connector makes scaling instant.

Since we offer robust integration, covering every aspect of HR, compensation and PTO, the whole process is automated, addressing all your needs.

All this to say: rather than scratching your head over all the manual uploads that tend to come with growth, you can turn your attention to the big picture – digital transformation, innovation, and strategy – the stuff that really matters.

Save on costs

Time is money. So instead of spending hours you don’t really have on manual efforts like mapping, labeling, and checking for errors, you can use our HiBob Connector. It’s that simple.

The problem with third-party integrators

Because HR data integration tends to be such a drawn-out process, many companies turn to third-party integrators to take over the task. And while that may sound great in theory, it does tend to come with some consequences:

  • Cost
    Let’s just put it out there: third-party integrators are expensive. Often their services come with multiple fees – including concerning the actual onboarding and the maintenance efforts that follow.
  • Data handling
    When you hire a third-party integrator, you are literally putting your employee data in their hands and have no choice but to trust that their security is sound.
    Still, there is no way of knowing for sure, and your data, therefore, remains at risk. Then there’s the matter of accuracy – any mistakes in data input or calculations can lead to costly consequences.
  • Compliance
    Because employee data management is highly regulated in every country, your third-party integrator must be well-versed in the compliance requirements of the countries in which you operate. That means that as you grow, you will not have the flexibility to choose any country you would like to expand into without considering the expertise and capabilities of your third-party integrator.
  • Limited scalability
    That brings us to our next point. Scalability can be hindered by reliance on a third-party integrator. As the company grows, the costs of third-party integrators grow too, and that can slow down scalability and growth significantly.

What it means to build a connected payroll ecosystem

We live in a world where HR, payroll, and payments are still seen as separate processes, to be handled by different systems. But that shouldn’t be the case.

Having data that connects and flows within the same system allows for full visibility of a streamlined payroll process. It allows payroll to become a part of your strategy, rather than a chore you need to complete before you can finally get your real work done.

Not a HiBob user? Say hello to our HCM Cloud Connector instead

Not everyone has HiBob – we’ve thought of that. That’s why we also provide companies with our new HCM Cloud Connector, which brings us that much closer to helping all our customers reach full payroll automation and scalability.

With our HCM Cloud Connector, or what we’re calling a next-gen universal remote for payroll data, all you have to do is one quick drag-and-drop mapping, and we take care of the rest – it doesn’t matter whether you use Excel sheets, Monday.com, or any other system. Cloud Connector integrates quickly and seamlessly, replacing multiple other solutions with ease.


With Papaya’s HiBob Connector, the days of laborious and error-prone data integration processes are behind you. Say goodbye to spending months on integrating employee information and hello to streamlined payroll automation.

By effortlessly syncing data between HiBob and Papaya OS, you can onboard HR data instantly, ensure data security, scale your operations with ease, and save valuable time and costs.

Join us in building a connected payroll ecosystem where payroll becomes an integral part of your strategic focus, leaving behind the hassle of manual tasks. Experience the power of seamless integration today and unlock the true potential of your payroll processes with Papaya.