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Papaya Personal Goes Mobile – A Self-Serve Employee App for Global Accessibility

In today’s on-the-go world, more and more people use their phones to organize their financial lives. They use bank apps to check their accounts and payment apps to make purchases.

And now, with Papaya’s new mobile app, they can also use their phones to track their payroll anywhere and anytime.

The new self-serve employee portal, Papaya Personal, lets people see their payslips the moment they appear and compare them to all previous payslips. They also see their important work-related documents and get alerts for any important company announcements.

The app unifies the entire global company through one mobile experience and improves employee engagement and satisfaction, resulting in better employee productivity and retention.

The app also provides employees easy access to Papaya’s support team and FAQs. It supports SSO, and employees can securely use existing Papaya personal portal credentials and biometric authentication.

Empowerment For Employees = Productivity and Retention

The easy-access app helps employees stay on top of their personal finances – a factor often cited in the studies of workforce productivity and employee retention.

According to PwC’s Employee Financial Wellness Survey, global inflation and market instability have increased financial anxiety among working people. A majority of employees – 56% – say they are stressed about finances.

The app addresses that anxiety by helping employees keep track of their income, showing exactly what their salary and bonuses are each month.

It provides a layer of control and visibility to counter the sense of helplessness many employees feel.

It can also help you increase productivity among your workforce and improve employee retention. The PwC survey showed that 55% of employees who worry about their finances are distracted by their concerns, impacting their overall productivity.

The same survey revealed that 38% of employees worried about finances are looking for new jobs, and 76% are attracted to companies that show they care about employee well-being. Having instant access to payroll information goes a long way to meeting employee needs and lets them know your company is thinking about their welfare.

Papaya is the Future of Payroll-Based Finance

The mobile employee app reflects Papaya’s ongoing commitment to building more efficient tools for finance – from fast and safe payslip delivery to more control of all payroll-based financial services.

Papaya covers the employment process end-to-end, and the app alerts employees when a new payslip is available. Soon, employees will be able to view and edit their bank account details and access additional financial services and employment benefits tailored to their needs. Learn more about Papaya’s new mobile app.