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Papaya Platform Takes Major Leap Forward

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Our industry-leading workforce management solution just got more automated and more sophisticated. It’s loaded with exclusive features, too.

Everything will be available to our clients free of charge. There are no premium features.

Our upgrade includes:

  • Papaya Personal – Our revolutionary new portal just for employees, including payslips, benefits, and time off reporting. It’s mobile-friendly as well.
  • Smart Files Distribution – Uploaded files automatically go to the right folders
  • One-Stop Shop – All corporate, project, and payroll files in one place

We’re excited to share the news. Scroll down to take a deeper look.

Introducing the New ‘Papaya Personal’

Employees are the most valuable resource at any company. So we built a special corner of the platform just for them.

Papaya Personal, a completely new, innovative, and redesigned work space, lets team members report time off in real time and access payslips instantly. It’s user-friendly and responsive on mobile devices.

It lets team members:

  • Report time off easily, directly, and in real time
  • Access payslips instantly and track their payment history
  • See all previous time off at a glance and submit new time off requests effortlessly

Papaya Personal is designed to be easy and convenient for employees to use. Documents can be uploaded by phone simply by snapping a picture of the document and uploading the image to the platform. No need for scanners or specialized software.

Employers will never have to worry about time off reporting again. The employees will be happy to do it for them. And you’ll only find it at the Papaya platform.

See for yourself what the excitement is all about.

Smart Files Distribution

Organizing documents has never been so simple. Just upload files and our automatic distribution recognizes them and places them where they belong.

It’s like magic.

We added drag-and-drop uploading to make it as quick as possible to upload multiple documents at once. Just click on all the documents you want to add and pull them into the upload. The system does the rest.


New Papaya Global Release

A One-Stop Shop

All the information you need is now located in one place, making it easy to find, even if it’s not related to the payroll cycle.

The One-Stop Shop for all documents – on the company level, project level, or the payroll process – provides a searchable overview. It reduces friction in workforce management and eliminates manual document collection.

It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to make payroll and workforce management as smart and simple as possible. We’re thrilled about the current upgrade and are already preparing for the next big leap.

New Papaya Global Worker Portal