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Papaya Launches New HRIS Capabilities

At Papaya, we’re committed to building the best global payroll platform in the world, and making it a vital part of HR and workforce management. That means creating better and quicker ways to onboard new team members, monitor salary changes, and keep records of paid time off – from anywhere in the world.

Our powerful Human Resource Information System (HRIS) makes the Papaya Platform a one-stop-shop for all payroll and people management needs, replacing countless excel sheets and manual processes.

HRIS saves your company time and reduces workforce costs. It makes employees more efficient, tracks compliance, and eliminates processing errors.

With Papaya HRIS, you can:

  • Increase productivity by automating tasks and improving communications
  • Get new employees working in the shortest possible time through efficient onboarding
  • Simplify employee oversight
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Eliminate manual processing errors

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Already have an HRIS? No problem, the Papaya Platform integrates with every HRIS system on the market. That means you can use the advanced features of the Papaya Platform for payroll, and integrate the information with any HRIS.

Papaya HRIS Makes Operations a Breeze

In today’s business climate, with more people working remotely than ever, staying connected with employees is even more vital and urgent. In a distributed workplace, communication is the key to giving people a sense of belonging and for increasing employee retention.

Papaya HRIS includes:

Full Employee Onboarding Process

Automate your onboarding and ensure all vital information is collected and stored, including important documents such as work permits. Once employees are onboarded, the system sends a notification to all of the relevant departments. For example, the IT department is notified to prepare computers. Logistics to prepare workspaces. Employees automatically receive a welcome email and an introduction to the company.

Full Access to All Employee Data

Papaya HRIS is the only system of records your company will ever need. All employee data is available at your fingertips. Track salary history and employment details, and get alerts for upcoming birthdays, work anniversaries, and even birthdays of spouses and children to let employees know they are important.

Custom Forms for Every Country

Ideal alongside a global payroll, the Papaya HRIS allows you to create customized forms for every country with flexible fields to meet the unique needs of every country. Forms can also be designed in any format and in any language.

Employees’ Personal Portal

Papaya Personal, the portal in the system that’s designed especially for employees. The portal includes a self-service Time and Attendance system, a place for employees to request time off and indicate their vacation days, view their payslips and benefit plans, and receive important notifications from the company. Papaya Personal increases employee engagement by helping the employees feel like they are part of the company, even if they are working far away from the central office.

Flexible Workflows and Permissions

With Papaya HRIS, workflows can be created for any function in the company. Privacy is always maintained because access to information is controlled through a system of permissions, keeping the company GDPR compliant. Worker files include all employee data in one place, including information the employee can’t access, such as confidential evaluation forms.

Dynamic Org Chart

Always stay on top of the company hierarchy through the dynamic organization chart. The chart makes it easy to see who is responsible for which areas of the company, saving time and effort finding the right person for any given situation.

Organizational Chart

Get the Papaya Experience

Papaya’s HRIS is one part of Papaya’s end-to-end solution for the total workforce, supporting all types of global workers (payroll, EoR, and contractors) in over 140 countries. The automated, cloud-based SaaS payroll software provides an end-to-end solution, from onboarding to on-going management to cross-border payments.

The automated platform ensures payroll compliance, provides benefit management, and ensure data privacy in compliance with GDPR. Papaya’s knowledge center provides updated information on salary benchmarks, mandatory benefits, tax rates, and more – everything you need to know before hiring overseas.

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