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Papaya Global Introduces AI-Based Cloud Connector to Revolutionize HCM-Payroll Integration

When speaking with our customers about their biggest payroll pains and obstacles, one huge theme stood out – integrating HR data.

It’s a notion backed by many. Payroll migrations are often beset by issues, with 15% failing outright and 44% otherwise problematic, according to one project implementation leader.

Data on payroll projects completed

Part of the challenge is that HCM software holds very sensitive information in a rich and complex data structure. Payroll systems require constant updates about new employees, PTO, salary updates, and more.

The biggest consequence of this is a long, frustrating, and inaccurate process costing many long work hours, and in many cases, the complete failure of the payroll digitalization process.

It’s time to revolutionize the way we think about HCM data onboarding.

While Papaya’s previously existing connectors are designed to implement data from specific platforms – like HiBob and BambooHR – we knew it wasn’t enough.

That’s why we built our HCM Cloud Connector – what we’re calling a next-gen universal remote for payroll data.

This new connector is built for any system – and we mean that literally, whether it’s HCM, Monday.com, HRIS, or Excel files.

That means you no longer have to rely on expensive, third-party integrators or outdated ‘automated data processing’ tools that add to your workload rather than lighten it.

Our numbers speak louder than words:

  • 90% decrease in data implementation processing time
  • At least 30% reduction in payroll processing time
  • Over 95% decrease in manual data syncs
  • Over 45% increase in cycle efficiency
  • 100% accuracy
  • $0 extra cost

HCM Improvement Stats


But here’s where the mic drops: Instead of spending a year onboarding your HR data, you only need to spend one hour.

Here’s how Papaya’s HCM Cloud Connector works:

  • One-time mapping: A painless, self-serve mapping process, taking just an hour to complete.
  • Drag-and-drop your data to the HCM Connector: Our aim was to make this process as easy and seamless as possible. So, rather than you having to make your way through layers of data input, just drag and drop to the HCM Connector. Our technology takes care of the rest.
  • Validate: Papaya’s AI validation engine constantly screens your data, flagging any potential errors along the way and freeing you up for other tasks at hand.
  • Upload: HCM data is instantly uploaded and converted to Papaya OS.

And… that’s all, folks.

Making automated data processing obsolete

We’re putting an end to worn out automated data processing that does nothing but produce an automated mess.

No more manual manipulation: rather than requiring you to format your data to fit our system’s needs, we’re adjusting our solution to fit your needs – all while ensuring efficiency, accuracy, accessibility, and security.

Payroll data done right with Papaya Global

We develop our product based on our customers’ needs – and we know payroll calculation and regulations are not enough for our customers.

This is why we are the only payroll company that developed a built-in payment solution and offered a unified payroll & payment platform, this is why we offer ERP connector and JE reconciliation as part of our offering, and this is why we now present this seamless, slick, flexible, and unlimited HCM Cloud Connector.

Papaya's full offering

For the skeptics among us, we can only say – yes, this might sound too good to be true. Don’t believe us? You are more than welcome to give it a spin.