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Papaya Global Teams Up with J.P. Morgan to Deliver Global Payroll Payments at Remarkable Speed

Creating the first ever dedicated system for global payroll payments requires more than developing the right technology. It also means implementing the proper financial infrastructure and forming a payments network with the world’s biggest and most reliable banks.

That’s why our teaming up with J.P. Morgan is a game changer for the entire payroll payment industry. Papaya Global, already a leading global people management platform recognized as a payroll technology innovator, can now also deliver seamless, compliant, and secure international payroll payments through one end-to-end platform – faster than ever.

This makes Papaya Global the only global payroll provider currently offering insourced international payroll payments.

Papaya Global’s recent acquisition of payment remittance technology company Azimo gives us access to an extensive payroll payments coverage network in more than 100 countries. With J.P. Morgan’s payments processing solutions, Papaya Global’s fully automated and transparent software solution now surpasses previous limitations to securely and visibly enable payroll and payments, creating a more consumer-like experience for employees.

With Papaya Payments, you can transform your global payroll payments operation. Here’s how:

  • A local bank account isn’t needed to make payroll payments to your employees. You send the payments to Papaya, and we deliver them to your workforce directly.
  • You never have to worry about local compliance because Papaya is a licensed payment operator in all major markets, regularly reporting to all local regulatory bodies.
  • Papaya can receive funding in seven major currencies, and we deliver payment in the local currency.
  • With Papaya’s combined payroll and payments platform, employers have greater control and visibility of the entire payroll process. Instead of juggling two (or more) separate systems for payroll and payments, you can see the whole picture in one view.

Supported by J.P. Morgan – The Last Piece in the Puzzle

Papaya Global has been laying the groundwork for a breakthrough in global payroll payments for the past two years. We’ve gained payment operating licenses, developed a technology infrastructure, and built the foundations of a global payment network capable of delivering payments to any country where our clients have employees.

That global network has now become a reality.

Our newly enhanced automated system can ensure that all mandatory payments are made, including to tax authorities and social security. It can also deliver all payments at the same time so that the entire workforce is paid simultaneously. These and other powerful features represent an unparalleled level of control, compliance, and security in the payroll industry.

Find out how managing your payroll and payments through Papaya’s cloud-based platform can transform your business.

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