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Integrating Further: Papaya Global Named SuiteCloud Partner of the Year 2023

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A little more than a year since we excitedly announced our official partnership with NetSuite, today, everyone here at Papaya Global is proud to see this collaboration climbing to new heights as we were named SuiteCloud’s International Partner of the Year.

Being the only global payroll partner holding the coveted “Built for NetSuite” designation, our full integration with the NetSuite API was already meaningful as it provides organizations with unprecedented visibility into their global workforce financials.

And so, if leveraging Papaya Global for your cross-border payroll and payments was a smart move for any international company utilizing NetSuite’s solutions was smart and safe to begin with – now we feel it’s a no-brainer.

What’s in it for you?

First off, joint Papaya Global-NetSuite users love the automated Journal Entries. You don’t need to be a seasoned Finance pro to immediately understand the value such feature brings in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

Secondly, with the Papaya Global-NetSuite integration, joint clients get a complete ledger of all global employee costs — payroll, benefits, taxes, and reimbursements.

Best of all, the whole process is automated, as Papaya consolidates all data streams regardless of where a company is paying people.

It means you can say goodbye to manually downloading and comparing individual location data and settling for bulky bottom-line totals of workforce spending. This partnership represents a whole new level of global payroll and payments control, visibility, and seamless efficiency.

Shared Vision

On a personal level, as the leader of the Strategic Partnerships team at Papaya Global, I’m delighted by this recognition.

My responsibility is to manage and develop new and existing partner relationships through knowing customers’ needs, understanding the market environment, and connecting to the business strategy and company growth. So, to me, such recognition is a testament to the vision Papaya Global and NetSuite share.

For years, I’ve been following Oracle’s growth within the ever-changing ecosystem through needs-driven innovation. At Papaya Global, we aim to do precisely that as we develop a game-changing technology for global workforce payroll and payments. This is why being named SuiteCloud’s Partner of the Year is as natural as distinguished.

Leading the Change

The need for a robust payroll and payments solution isn’t new. In the 1940’s, only shortly after dinosaurs became extinct, organizations relied on manually recording employee hours and handwritten checks. The first IBM computer was introduced in the early ‘50s, but it was only a decade later that computers were used to automate manual processes.

Payroll and payments are both a big expense and a big hassle for businesses. It’s no surprise, then, that the ‘80s welcomed payroll companies eager to find the latest technology to simplify payroll and payments processes. This outsourcing alleviated organizations’ pains of managing this cumbersome and crucial task.

This was good progress, but it wasn’t enough. The process was only as good as the tech available at the time, which left a void in the market. It was like a truck on an unpaved road: going in the right direction, but on a very bumpy ride, and losing precious cargo- data, funds, compliance – on the way.

This brings us up to the present. As critical as they are to organizations, global workforce management, payroll, and payments still lack innovation. At Papaya Global, we pioneer payroll and payments, empowering companies to view them globally and not locally.

We encourage companies to adopt unified global payroll and payments processes, instead of their siloed local ones. Streamlining local processes into a global gold standard will always show results.

Our partnership with Oracle NetSuite is much more than just that. NetSuite is an invaluable co-pilot to the innovation journey across the global payroll and payroll payments digital transformation process. We’re honoured by this recognition and accept the responsibility that comes with it.