About Papaya

Papaya Global’s Innovative Technology Featured in Gartner Payroll Report

Papaya is deeply honored to be listed as one of the leading global payroll technology solutions in the latest report by Gartner, the world’s foremost research and advisory company.

The latest Gartner report, The Market Guide for Multicountry Payroll Solutions, points to a number of major pain points as companies struggle to implement payroll on a global scale. Papaya’s cutting-edge technology is uniquely positioned to solve each of these problems.

According to Gartner:

  • Companies continue to see Integration as a primary challenge. Many are still using two or more payroll vendors for multicountry payroll and struggling to bring them together into a single seamless whole.
  • The unification of payroll and core HR function is particularly costly compared to other functions in HCM.
  • Maintaining legacy payroll systems is proving costly and inefficient, with more companies looking for solutions through advanced technology.
  • Movement to Cloud HCM suites for payroll have often been inhibited by a reluctance to change.
  • New data privacy laws like GDPR demand more control and oversight over payroll data and how it is handled.

Our automated, cloud-based platform brings state-of-the-art technology to global payroll, integrating all employee information from various countries in one place and making it visible from one screen.

What makes our solution unique?

Papaya’s offers the first total workforce management solution, an all-in-one platform to support all type of global workers (EOR, Payroll, contractors) from onboarding to on-going management and payments

As a SaaS platform, the system is easy to integrate with no delays. It can be ready to onboard workers within days. The platform is also a trail-blazing workforce management tool that provides real-time business intelligence (BI) for unprecedented insights into workforce spending. And by automating most of the on-going operations, we eliminate human work and errors.

Papaya’s platform is the first to ensure GDPR and SOC compliance in payroll. As enforcement of data regulations continues to rise, using a system that guarantees compliance is the best way to avoid violations and fines.

Papaya is proud to be recognized by Gartner for our innovative, high tech solutions to global payroll. As more companies expand their workforce oversees, Papaya will continue to lead the way towards automated, cloud-based solutions for enterprise.

Contact us at contact@papayaglobal.com and include the word Gartner in the subject line to receive 50% off all set-up fees.