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Papaya’s New Reporting Suite – Global Workforce Data at Your Fingertips

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We continue to build the world’s best global payroll platform for managing the total workforce (payroll, EoR, and contractors). That means ensuring you can run your payroll easily across the globe and always have a powerful tool to support decision- making, analyze data, and control and monitor the total costs for all your workers globally.

What answers will you be able to get in just moments? Here are some examples:

  • How large is my total global workforce?
  • What are my total workforce costs? Per country? Per person? Per period?
  • How many new people joined and how many left last month?
  • How many employees and workers at each location?
  • Why was my global workforce spending lower last month? Where was the reason for the increase?
  • What is the difference in employer costs over time and by spend category between France and Italy?
  • What does my net pay waterfall look like?
  • Are any contracts or documents due to expire this month or next month?

Papaya puts all the data at your fingertips – you can compare costs over periods, projects, or locations to identify the biggest expenses, discrepancies, and changes.

It gets even better on June 1 when we launch our latest upgrade.

Workforce at Glance Dashboard
The Workforce at a Glance Dashboard provides a consolidated view of your entire workforce, including number of employees, costs, projects, as well as an events calendar of when people joined or left, birthdays and anniversaries.

Smarter Design, More Insights

The new reports are simpler so more people can use them. Every department head can have instant access to HR and payroll data just by logging in and checking the data.

We made them smarter and quicker so you can find the answers you need in no time.

Our improved visualization is more efficient. For example, companies that had dispersed teams in different countries, different costs items, and even different pay periods, can compare them easily and get real-time insights to make better decisions.

New Total Costs Report
The Total Payrolls Costs Dashboard provides a detailed overview of projects and costs, a gross-to-net waterfall chart, filters to compare pay periods, main changes in cost items, highest employments costs highlighted, and more

Make Better Decisions with Real-Time Data

Real-time data gives you all the information you need to address your most pressing business questions – how many workers you have and your total employer costs.

Our advanced reporting goes much deeper, giving you real-time costs to track changes in any region or in any time period.

“Before we worked with Papaya, the process was painfully manual,” said Sara Avital, head of payroll at CyberArk. “All reports came directly from local accountants. Some were not even English. Not all were in Excel. In some countries, the reports were in locked PDFs so I couldn’t compare spending on our employees by quarters or years.

“Now, everything is mapped and uploaded to the Papaya Platform and I can go to the BI and drill down per item, per cost center, per employees. That changes everything.”

New HR Overview Report
The HR Overview Dashboard indicates the number of workers (per service, country and cost centers) during the current month, past and forecast to the future, as well as important alerts about any missing or expiring documents to ensure complete compliance.

Sleek New Design

Our reporting tools have a cleaner and crisper look, and the pages load faster, making the user experience more enjoyable.

All the data can be converted easily to any format, such as xls, csv, or any financial system or ERP format, so that no manual work is ever needed.

Our reports are state-of-the-art, specially tailored for our clients. It’s about time our user interface caught up with the quality of the data. Today, we’re proud to say, it does.

Even More Around the Corner

We are excited about the new improvements. But what’s even better is that this is only the beginning. We’re already working on the next version to make the system more interactive and more personalized.

Experience the power of data to unlock the mystery of your payroll spending and never feel out of control again.  It will make you the star of your payroll, finance, and HR teams.

Contact us for a live demo of our platform and all of its cutting-edge reporting capabilities.