Papaya Global Named an Industry Leader by NelsonHall. Here’s Why.

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Papaya Global has been named an “Employer of Record” industry leader by research firm NelsonHall in its 2023 EOR report. Here are the reasons why you should know about it.

1. Compliance and liability

The Employer of Record space experienced tremendous growth in the past few years. Finally, there was an answer to real pain for thousands of organizations facing the challenge of global expansion and disbursed international workforces. This rapid growth meant some vendors prioritized growth over compliance, failing to realize that employment is no industry for cutting corners.

One main reason Papaya Global is positioned as an industry leader is our unwavering commitment to compliance – backed by full liability.

Papaya Global provides second-to-none compliance and liability through our global network of local experts, in-house legal counsel, and a Center of Excellence, empowering our customers to manage and pay their workforce with maximum confidence and zero risk.

2. EOR at scale

When your organization is small or even medium-sized, EOR is simple to manage, and many vendors can help you with that. But in 2023, EOR is already a standard method even for the largest of enterprises, and that’s where things get too complex for most vendors or EOR providers.

Papaya Global’s solution was designed and built to streamline that complexity. Combining enterprise-grade innovative technology and solutions with a network of more than 40 professional firms (with an average of 33 years of professional experience), our proven capabilities to support EOR at enterprise scale for all types of employment models, including full-time and part-time employees and contractors, are tried and tested.

3. Best-in-class technology

Our continued technological advancements that sync HR data throughout the worker journey and deliver all workforce information using the power of AI, are always ahead of the curve. Papaya Global’s innovation eliminates manual data input and streamlines the onboarding and workforce management processes, from onboarding to global workforce payments.

4. Payroll and embedded payments

The Papaya Payroll OS unifies a global payroll platform with cross-border embedded payment capabilities. It supports global direct deposits on real-time basis – eliminating risk and safeguarding funds to enable employers to effortlessly pay all types of workers (including contractors) worldwide, in local currency, and on time. We are fully regulated and hold five money transfer licenses across the globe for automated global workforce payments, offering bank-level liability and protection.

These four pillars on which our industry-leading solution stands will propel your organization to new heights of efficiency.

Papaya is setting a new standard

The NelsonHall research, conducted by Principal HR Research Analyst Jeanine Crane-Thompson, focuses on technology’s impact on the industry. It examines the projected growth of the EOR space. It provides a cohesive evaluation of multiple products and services companies – as the need to expand globally, hire internationally, and manage a disbursed workforce becomes a daily challenge for organizations of all sizes.

Jeanine Crane-Thompson, Principal HR Technology & Services Analyst, NelsonHall, said: “Papaya Global’s position as a leader reflects the company’s significant investment in its platforms to integrate EOR, payroll, and contractor management services, enhancing the client and employee experience. Its comprehensive portfolio supports compliant global expansion and technology enrichment, bridging HR and finance. The company’s dedication to industry collaboration and standards also demonstrates its position as a leader in the global EOR industry.”

“Papaya Global was founded with the vision to solve all workforce management challenges,” says Eynat Guez, Papaya Global’s CEO & co-founder.

We’re committed to delivering a superior experience to our customers and their workers and providing both organizations and individuals with transparency and predictability.

Global Payroll the Right Way

In 2016, Papaya’s founders, with years of experience in international workforce management, observed a gap. Some vendors were aggregating local experts globally for better compliance but struggled with operational complexity. Others quickly set up entities in multiple countries, sacrificing top-level compliance for rapid expansion.

We pondered: How can we blend the strengths of both approaches? This wasn’t a new dilemma. Uber tackled it to connect us with local drivers, and Amazon did the same for e-commerce. The solution? Advanced technology, just like Uber and Amazon. So, we developed it.

By 2023, our industry leadership isn’t by chance. We’ve always prioritized doing things right over rapid growth. Our tech, combined with a network of country experts, realizes our 2016 vision: offering you the best of both worlds, ensuring payroll, EOR, payments, and contractors are done the right way.
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