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How Major Companies are Aiding Employees During Corona

As a nod to all of of the employers out there that are aiding their employees with additional benefits during this period, we’ve put together a list of companies that have stepped it up to help ensure employee welfare during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Microsoft announced that they are giving their employees what is called” 12-Week Paid Pandemic School and Childcare Closure Leave.”  This leave is to help parents with children whose school is closed due to the coronavirus and don’t have any alternative care.  This leave allows parents to take paid parental leave as needed in that it doesn’t have to be taken consecutively.


Facebook is giving each employee a $1,000 bonus to each of their full-time employees. This bonus is aimed at helping employees cover any costs with setting up a home office or to aid in childcare expenses.  In addition, they have decided to continue to pay their hourly employees who provide maintenance to Facebook’s facilities.


Amazon has given all of the US delivery and warehouse employees a $2/hour raise until the end of April.  In addition, they are offering unlimited paid leave for employees who have tested positive for COVID-19.


Uber has announced that it will be offering their employees in the US with 2 weeks paid sick leave.  As most of their drivers are classified as contractors, this offers leave that they would otherwise not be entitled to in the event that they fall ill.


In the event of a temporary closure, Nestle will offer their employees 12 weeks of guaranteed regular pay.  In addition, they are offering their “frontline employees” an additional 12% pay for at least 12 weeks and expanding employee health benefits including prescription delivery, mental health care, childcare, and covering the cost of testing for COVID-19.  Lastly, Nestle is offering employees an additional 2 weeks’ paid leave on top of any other leave they have accrued or are entitled to if they have been affected by COVID-19.


As the majority of Delta’s flights have been grounded, the workforce has been significantly reduced for the time being.  Delta’s CEO, Ed Bastian, announced that he will not receive a salary for the next 6 months in attempt to save as many jobs as possible.


In addition to paid leave for employees who have been impacted by COVID-10, &Pizza chain has offered its employees and family members free unlimited pizza. They have also increased their employees’ hourly wage by $1.  Lastly, they have partnered with the ridesharing company Lyft in order to offer subsidized rides so that their employees won’t have to take public transportation.