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Around-the-Clock Support: Introducing Papaya’s WhatsApp Chatbot 

Papaya knows that a great customer experience is more than quick and easy global salary payments and automated payroll processing.

It’s also about support – and knowing we’re there when you need us.

And with our new Whatapp Chatbot, it’s easier to reach us than ever. Our new chatbot leverages the WhatsApp messaging platform to provide assistance and information related to our workforce payments and payroll services.

Have a question about the status of your payments? Our chatbot can help. Need more information about your payslip? The chatbot can answer that in no time. It can answer a wide range of questions instantly. If necessary, the chatbot will open a ticket with support directly from Whatsapp.

The chatbot supports every country where you have employees, all in English. And since your phone is always with you, so is Papaya support – available at +1883164994.

An Exciting New Layer of Support

Papaya has always placed a high priority on customer support, and the new Whatsapp chatbot provides a convenient and accessible channel for users to get quick assistance, information.

It’s an additional layer on top of Papaya’s multi-tier system, designed to provide the quickest and most thorough assistance possible.

Customer Success Manager – The first layer consists of your dedicated customer support manager – your single point of contact supporting you on all matters related to your global workforce. The CSM will guide you through all issues related to employment, payroll processing, and workforce payments.

Designated Country Experts – The CSM is backed by designated country experts in every location you have employees. The DCEs are certified accountants with years of proven experience as payroll experts. They are responsible for staying on top of any changes in regulations that could impact your payments or payroll operations – so you are always covered.

Center of Excellence In-House Expertise – Papaya has in-house resources designed to make the process of payments across and payroll processing as smooth as possible. We have a full legal team to oversee contracts and advise on legal matters, and a Center of Excellence comprised of global payroll experts to provide support for all types of workforce management issues.

Information and Resources – There are also extensive support resources available at any time, including our mammoth Countrypedia, an up-to-date compilation of labor laws and tax information for over 160 countries, and our giant Knowledge Base, an even broader and more detailed resource for all of our clients.

Support is Only a Click Away

You can contact your CSM through directly or use our mobile app, known as Papaya Personal. Your employees can access Papaya Personal through their phones to see all of their payslips, receive announcements, and ask questions.

Our SLA states that all inquiries will be acknowledged within 4 hours.

And now support is even easier to access though the new WhatsApp Chatbot that serves as your own support companion.

Transform Your Global Workforce Payments

At Papaya, we believe that efficient workforce management isn’t just about automation – it’s about being there for our clients whenever you need us.

Learn more about how Papaya’s workforce payments platform and global direct deposit can transform your payroll and payments experience and find out how we provide you the expert support and guidance you need for a successful overseas expansion.

Contact us today for a demo of our platform.