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About Papaya

Introducing the Papaya Global Integration Center

In today’s world of work, HR and Finance teams around the world are tasked with managing everything from talent acquisition to payroll, remote employment contracts to global payments, and the list goes on. What few see behind the scenes is that they are also juggling a myriad of HR, payroll, and workforce management tools filled with critical, yet disparate workforce data in order to employ and pay their global workforce.

Increasingly, organizations are seeking out technology-driven solutions to alleviate the complexities managers face when it comes to global workforce management. In fact, a Gartner study revealed that 90% of HR leaders plan to maintain or increase their investment in technology. One motive may be related to Harvard Business Review’s research that shows up to 65% of the tasks that a manager currently does has the potential to be automated by 2025, ultimately, freeing up space for managers to focus on what’s most important – building more human relationships with their employees.

How the Papaya Global Integration Center Automates HR and Payroll Tasks

With global payroll platforms like Papaya Global that streamline, automate, and connect the tools that payroll and HR managers use into one consolidated dashboard, companies across the globe are able to invest more time on what’s most important – their people.

So, how exactly does the Papaya Platform give managers hours of their day back?

Say hello to the Papaya Global Integration Center:

A single, self-serve dashboard that enables our clients to seamlessly integrate their HR and payroll data through pre-built API’s, file uploads, and custom API development (no coding skills needed).

What kind of data? Think: HRIS, PTO, Time and Attendance, Expenses, SSO and more

  • Automatically sync your data through pre-built APIs to view, manage, and pay your entire global workforce (EOR workers, Payrolled employees, and Contractors) under one roof

(Active APIs: BambooHR Coming soon: Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, and more)

  • Import data via CSV file from any HRIS system in just a few clicks with our Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) integration
  • Develop Custom APIs with the support of Papaya Global’s integration experts to connect the data that’s most meaningful to your company

Once your data syncs to the Papaya Platform, its accuracy and compliance engine does the rest.

  • Converts all of your data sources into a single, uniform format
  • Summarizes your global workforce into projects based on location and employment type
  • Verifies that your payroll data is accurate and alerts you when it’s time to approve and process payroll
  • Builds custom BI reports based on your workforce data, such as DE&I metrics

…and much more!

Our approach is to automate and streamline how companies engage with their data says Eynat Guez, CEO and Co-Founder of Papaya Global.  Our platform is built for companies who are ready to shift away from administrative burdens and focus more on the wellbeing and experience of their workforce.”

Ready to see how the Papaya Global platform and integration center can save you time, eliminate the risk of errors, and enable you to focus on building a thriving workforce? Contact us here.