About Papaya

Papaya Global Shortlisted for the Global Payroll Awards

Papaya is proud to announce that we have been shortlisted in four categories for the Global Payroll Awards – Professional Employment Organization of the Year, Payroll Manager of the Year, Expatriate Payroll Manager of the Year, and Global Payroll Team of the Year – you can read all about it Here.

What does it mean for us?

Papaya was created with the vision of disrupting the longstanding way that global workforce and payroll has been managed. We founded Papaya based on three core values: transparency, efficiency and the maximization of value for our customers. From the very start, the feedback we have received both from journalists (as you can read further in Forbes and Diginomica) and from clients has been great! It seems we managed to target and understand the real problems and pains being faced by management in the global workforce arena.

Whilst creating the most advanced and automated technology to solve this, we see our vision of a workforce without boundaries come alive through a truly different experience, and we still have a long journey ahead. The results of the Global Payroll Awards will be announced on June 8th, and we look forward to keeping you updated on the outcome!

Your Opinion Matters to Us!

For achieving our next journey milestones, we have created a survey to ensure that we are focusing on the true headaches and complications within the global workforce and payroll management arena. This survey will be distributed to over 1000 global payroll managers worldwide and we kindly request that you also participate. Each participant will be provided access to the outcome for their own needs and understanding. Take the survey!