Global HR Practices Research Summary

Building a business case for global expansion

In a recent Lighthouse Research study backed by Papaya Global, we explored some of the key aspects of global human resources practices, such as compliance, payroll, and scalability. The April 2017 pulse survey reached more than 125 employers that are either currently using or planning to hire workers outside the headquarters country. The research uncovered some actionable findings that can help HR, talent, and business leaders at firms with international operations to improve performance and mitigate risk.

Key Findings

1. Seven in ten employers are not fully confident in their knowledge of foreign compliance and employment requirements, creating risk and potential hurdles to success.

2. The direction of expansion is driven primarily by the need to have a footprint in key target markets, opening the door for HR to drive business impact.

3. 40% of employers are spending more than four hours per month, per employee, to onboard, pay, and communicate with global workers. This has the potential to hamper efficiency and performance.

For more in depth information on labor laws, see our updated Countryguides showing salary and benefits info for France and Spain.