Cut Costs Using BI Time Off Report

Time off is a sensitive cost item for any company, and even more so when dealing with a remote workforce. How do you track time off among your global workforce? Do you log it in a master file? Do you have a third-party platform in place?

Papaya’s Platform has a Business Intelligence (BI) reporting module for all the members of your team specifically for this purpose.

The Time Off Report highlights important metrics for the HR department, such as  Worker Taken Days / Total Taken Sick Days / Total Taken Days etc. To help the HR manager to stay on top of all matters related to time off each department for the entire company.

Graphics provide data visually in many different ways – type of leave, per pay period, per project, top workers. Click the graphs to drill down to specific locations. The bottom of the dashboard shows the full listing of days taken in detail.

But there are some additional metrics that offer even deeper insight that could help you even more:

Employees Who Never Reported – your team member has been with you for over a year. Is it possible that he has never taken vacation? Time to take care of his well-being! Or Maybe he was away but didn’t officially report it? Time to record it for payroll, reducing the surprises that can come up during offboarding.

Annual Leave Taken – How much of your team member’s time off entitlement for the current year has he or she used so far? Is the year-end coming up? Reduce carry-over days for next year by ensuring that the workers have vacation plans in place.

Learn more about the Time Off Report and over a dozen other business intelligence reports available through the Papaya Platform.

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