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Ping Pong at the Super Bowl: Game-changing Workforce Payments

With its new Super Bowl Ad, Papaya global underscores the importance of global workforce payments.

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Key takeaways:

  1. AI-driven global payroll is essential for the evolving workforce landscape; Papaya Global leads the charge.
  2. That's the biggest takeaway in our upcoming Super Bowl Ad.

Papaya Global has been doing payroll for a long time. That’s why we feel as confident as a nose-tackle to say, payroll is not enough. In the next couple of years, payroll companies’ success will depend solely on their embedded payments and AI technology.

We’ve invested two years and 864,000 engineering work hours on those capabilities exactly, building an end-to-end workforce solution that actually executes your workers’ payments. It’s a game-changer.

This investment comes to a head as Papaya Global makes its Super Bowl ad debut. (Get a sneak peek at the spot due to air during the third quarter of the big game.)

We get it. Crushing the Super Bowl is not something you’d expect from a B2B fintech. We can explain. We want the world to know that going through all the payroll calculations only to stop short at workforce payments is like fumbling at the goal line. If we dig deeper, our full explanation is comprised of two main reasons: symbolism and industry.

The infrastructure to pay everyone

As for symbolism, gridiron football is a sport that represents what teamwork is all about:

  1. Success only comes when all parts of your organization are in sync.
  2. No talent is big enough to win big without state-of-the-art infrastructure and supporting mechanisms.

Similarly, both values represent what Papaya brings to the field: an end-to-end, integrated workforce OS that connects the dots from HR, through Payroll, to Finance, creating the platform on which to run and pay a global workforce.

Think about it. None of the shiny brands that grab most of the ad spots during the Super Bowl could even exist without properly paying millions of employees, of all kinds, wherever they are in the world.

This year, between snacks, beers, and SUV commercials, the technology that makes something as obvious and unglamorous as “paying people on time” will finally be getting the respect it deserves; on the biggest stage possible.

Payments and AI: the future of workforce management

The second reason, as mentioned, is industry and business-driven. Global payroll as we know it will soon become obsolete. As the number of international companies steadily increases, so grows the challenge of employment and financial regulations. As a result, the way companies manage and pay entire global workforces must change, too.

Reading the industry’s map, we predict that in 24 months, the existence of payroll companies will be based solely on their ability to embed payments and AI technology. Without strong AI mechanisms and advanced payment capabilities, payroll, a space that has raised $5B+ in recent years, will be worthless.

Embedding AI-driven cross-border payment capabilities into existing global payroll platforms – and into all workforce processes, for that matter – will be the only way to handle the complexities and demands of the ever-expanding global economy.

It’s time for workforce payments to take center field.

That’s why we created the first purpose-built workforce payments technology, supported by our money transfer licenses, partnerships with J.P. Morgan, and global payments expertise.

Our AI-powered payroll validation engine enables managing all types of workers and paying them worldwide in local currencies, empowering companies to expand their global

workforce. The workforce payment platform offers connectivity to any technology currently used and relies on bank level regulations for full compliance and liability.

In other words, it’s game on, and we are thrilled to kick off the drive towards the “workforce payments” trophy as the reigning champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, play the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas for the Lombardi trophy.

Our Super Bowl ad represents the dawning of the age of Workforce Payments. Now, every CFO can quarterback payroll payments all the way to a touchdown. More importantly, Workforce Payments gets every worker paid, on time, everywhere, ensuring everyone’s salary is respected, whether they’re line-backers, cheerleaders, or water boys.