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Happy Holidays! See what made 2019 so amazing

This past year has been the most exciting and prodigious by far for us at Papaya Global. It’s been a year of immense growth and accomplishments, and as 2020 nears we would like to share some of our highlights that have made 2019 our most special year thus far.

  • Making a splash on the European scene as the European winner and global finalist of the Visa Everywhere Initiative – Woman’s Global Edition. The competition devoted to the theme of women entrepreneurs, CEO Eynat Guez proved that Papaya is making payroll smarter, simpler, and more secure than ever. https://www.papayaglobal.com/blog/papaya-competes-in-visa-fintech-challenge/
  • We were able to highlight our cross-border payments and payroll solutions at the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas. We saw at Money20/20, we’re the only company offering a complete workforce solution that covers all types of workers and includes both payroll and payments in over 100 countries. https://www.papayaglobal.com/blog/papaya-attends-money2020-conference/
  • Big releases coming in 2020! Stay tuned for new products as we continue to improve global payroll and payments.

Lastly, our proudest achievement of the year is being able to provide our customers with the solutions to grow globally. And we want to thank you for being an integral part of our growth as well. 2019 was truly amazing year, and here’s to an even more spectacular 2020.

Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

The Papaya Global Team

Papaya Global provides enterprise with a global, cloud-based SaaS platform to automate payroll, payments, and workforce management, an EoR solution to hire workers in over 100 countries, and innovative technology to streamline the payroll process, eliminate errors, and save operating costs.