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Coming Soon…The ONE!

In 2021, we’re launching The ONE – a single platform to manage Global People, Payroll, and Payments.

The ONE is a local and global end-to-end people management solution to hire, onboard, manage, and pay people through a single cloud-based platform. Monitor and automate the whole payroll and payment process in ONE place to ensure 100% compliance and zero payroll mistakes in 160 countries.

  • HRIS capabilities such as onboarding, Time & Attendance, a collaboration suite, and a dynamic org chart.
  • The world’s first Global Payments Solution designed especially for payroll. You get support for payments to local authorities, benefits, and country-specific compliance. Your payments will always be processed accurately, securely, and on time.
  • A network of support services essential to all global companies: Global benefits plans, Global equity management, and more on the way…

With The ONE, we’re revolutionizing the way companies manage their people so they could grow fearlessly, knowing that no matter how fast they run, no one will be left behind.

Using the most advanced technology, we’re making the working world more connected, automated, and open so that all companies, from SMBs to large scale corporations, can start operating as ONE powerful unit.

We’re proud to bring the future global work to your doorstep to meet all of your global remote work needs.

Boost productivity
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Papaya’s global payroll technology thinks about everything. So you can focus on what matters–your business.

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