China Payslip Explained

Countries handle and distribute payslips differently all over the world. For example, China distributes payslips in a unique way by commonly using a secure channel on WeChat (Chinese WhatsApp).

By providing a visual breakdown of a Chinese payslip we aim to help you better understand the taxes, deductions, and contributions that go with payroll.

Did you know that in China:

  • It can be very difficult to end employment contract after probation is over and before the contract expires, so it’s advised to closely monitor the employee’s performance during probation and not to sign contracts for more than 1 year during the first term.
  • The Spring Festival is the Chinese New Year and the most important holiday celebrated in China. Most companies pay 13th or 14th-month bonuses to employees around that time.
  • It’s common for companies to have team-building activities.

For further information see our guide to China’s payroll and benefits laws and regulations.

For companies looking to hire in China without a local entity see our China professional employment service.

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