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How To Prevent Data Errors In Global Payroll

Getting payroll right and on time begins with ensuring data accuracy. Nothing causes more mistakes or delays than late, missing, or incorrect payroll data. A

Why Global Payroll Should be Automated

66% of payroll professionals and 51% of HR practitioners say their organization occasionally cuts corners when it comes to payroll solutions. That’s according to a

4 Major Hidden Costs of a Decentralized Global Payroll

Here’s a question we get asked all the time. Will unification of our global payroll save me money each month? The simple answer is yes,

How Can Your Company Streamline Its International Payroll Processing?

Business expansion into foreign fields can present a wealth of opportunities. However, as soon as you start employing workers abroad, international payroll processing becomes an
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Global Payroll

Waste of Time: The Problem with Inefficient Global Payroll 

The 2022/3 NBA season marks the 10th anniversary of the analytics revolution in basketball. While statistical analysis has been a
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Global Payroll

How to Make Sure Your Payroll is Paid – Even if Your Bank is Down

When a bank crashes, it can throw all your financial operations into disarray. The most pressing problem you’ll face is
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Payroll Disaster Recovery
Global Payroll

Set Up Your Payroll Disaster Recovery Plan. Now.

Yesterday, the story came out that Credit Suisse's stock fell by 5%. This news comes following the Swiss lender's announcement in February
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Gross pay vs Net pay
Global Payroll

Gross Pay vs Net Pay: Understanding the Difference

Payslips show gross and net pay. You need to understand this distinction as a global payroll manager or CFO if
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Non residential payroll
Global Payroll

What is a Non-Residential Payroll

In 2022, it’s becoming more and more common to run a business in a foreign country without officially setting up
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