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Payroll Security Breaches

We’ve created a list of recorded payroll specific security breaches to enable companies and public bodies understand the kind of payroll vulnerabilities they should be

Why Security Professionals Pick Papaya

Papaya Global is entrusted with the payroll and payments and for hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of employees.  To earn that trust, Papaya

FBI: Email Attacks on Payroll Rising

Cyber-attacks on payroll are up and they are growing in sophistication, the FBI warned in its annual report on Internet-based crime. The report, published by
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Employee Data Processing

Employee Data Protection – Legal Obligations and Practices 

Protecting employee data is crucial for any business. Therefore i's important to ensure that your organization has the right systems
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Payroll leakage

What is a payroll leakage?

Payroll leakage is the loss of funds in an organization's payroll process due to incorrect or inefficient payroll practices. It
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Payroll risk management

Payroll Risk Management – Everything You Need to Know 

Global companies are facing a multitude of payroll risks, with payroll security fraud being a major concern globally. To counteract
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Security payroll system checklist

Payroll & Payments: A Secure Connection

manually processed payroll is vulnerable to cyber attacks, that is why it is important to find a reputable provider with
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Payroll auditing

Payroll Audit: Objectives & Process

Periodically reviewing a company's payroll methods and documents to guarantee precise, timely payment and legal adherence is a payroll audit.
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