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Payroll Security Breaches

We’ve created a list of recorded payroll specific security breaches to enable companies and public bodies understand the kind of payroll vulnerabilities they should be

Why Security Professionals Pick Papaya

Papaya Global is entrusted with the payroll and payments and for hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of employees.  To earn that trust, Papaya

FBI: Email Attacks on Payroll Rising

Cyber-attacks on payroll are up and they are growing in sophistication, the FBI warned in its annual report on Internet-based crime. The report, published by
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6 Tips for Mastering Payroll Internal Controls

Secure payroll with internal controls: Segregate duties, enforce authorization processes, and leverage technology for accuracy and compliance.
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GDPR British and UN flag

10 Differences Between UK GDPR and EU GDPR

Dive into key contrasts between UK GDPR and EU GDPR regulations: Understand how it impacts businesses data protection and compliance
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Protecting Your Employees Sensitive Information

Guardians of Privacy: Protecting Your Employees’ Sensitive Information

To ensure data protection, gain a thorough understanding of your employees' sensitive information. Implement robust security measures, encrypted communication, and
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Bank-Level Security

Payroll Always Deserved Bank-Level Security. It’s Finally Possible.

Payroll demands bank-level security. Tallahassee city workers lost $500k to a payroll hacker.
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Employee Data Processing

Employee Data Protection – Legal Obligations and Practices 

Protecting employee data is crucial for any business. Therefore i's important to ensure that your organization has the right systems
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