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How to Optimize Your Payroll Payments Process

Payroll process is a complex and crucial process for your business. Here is how you can optimize the process, and what common challenges you need

KYC Best Practices to Reduce Money Laundering Risks

Financial institutions face the challenge of ensuring that all funds passing through their system are legitimate. To combat this, regular know-your-customer (KYC) reviews are performed

Speedy Payroll Payments: A Sign of Healthy Systems — And a Game Changer

Payments are payroll have always existed in 2 separate silos to the disadvantage of both businesses and employees. See why and how Papaya have brought

What Happens When Payroll and Payments Are Split

Our payments VP speaks about the implications of having payroll and payments splitting into 2 different processes
KYC Best practices
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Split payroll and paymnents


W2W e-wallet

W2W: Are (Digital) Wallet-to-Wallet Transactions the Future of Payroll Payments?

60% of consumers embraced digital wallets recently, 67% millennials tried them. Papaya Global enables cross-border wallet transactions. read about the
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Smart Money: How AI Facilitates Cross-Border Payments

Smart Money: How AI Facilitates Cross-Border Payroll Payments

Discover how Papaya Global harnesses AI to enhance FinTech functions with data-driven fraud detection and precise FX rate predictions. 🚀
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Open for Business: Why Payroll Providers Should Embrace Open Banking

Discover the power of open banking: personalized finance, lending, payments, and more. Embrace the future with payroll payments in the
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Pay the Right Way: Papaya Global’s Unique Paytech is Reshaping the Payments Landscape

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Unify Your Global Payroll and Payment Processes for Heightened Cost Efficiency

Save costs, minimize errors, and enhance efficiency by integrating payroll and payments with AI. Papaya Global's unified platform empowers informed
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