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Top 10 Countries for Paid Vacation

Unfortunately, many employers don’t see the value of vacation to the productivity of their employees. Their main causes for concern
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Mexico Grants New Rights to Labor Unions

The Mexican Senate approved measures designed to empower Mexican workers, particularly those who work in factories. The new law loosens
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APAC: Essential Guide to Payroll and Benefits

Managing a global payroll can be challenging. With complex mandatory benefits and endless labor laws, staying compliant and informed on
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Deloitte Report on Israeli Ecosystem
About Papaya

Papaya Global Listed Among Startups Changing the Work-Tech Landscape

Deloitte’s major new report, “Future of Work Tech Emerging Landscape in Israel” places Papaya Global among the companies taking work
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Why Workers are Excited about Automation

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if a news headline is about automation…or a horror film: “Job-Stealing Robot Apocalypse May be
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CISO – Your Biggest Threat is Hiding in Your Finance Department

by Eynat Guez Co-Founder, CEO: Over the past year, I heard global payroll managers tell me again and again that
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