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Top 10 Things Employers Need to Know About the E.U Whistleblower Directive 

Does your organization employ 250 or more workers the EU? If so, it’s time to plan for a new mandate.
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One In-Country Partner is Not Like Another: Differences Between ICPs & Why it Matters

When you’re choosing an in-country partner (ICP) to manage overseas employment on your behalf, you don’t want to walk in
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CEO Corner

5 Equity Trends to Watch in 2022

The market for employment is changing at warp-speed, and organizations are having to do more for their employees to attract
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2021 End of Tax Year: Spotlight on U.S, Portugal, Austria & Ireland

The end of the calendar year also means the end of the tax year in a number of countries around
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What is a 13th Month Salary and Which Countries Offer It?

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Contractor Management

Are You Unwittingly Contributing to Disguised Employment?

Hiring abroad is full of pitfalls to watch out for, and disguised employment is one of the largest. If you
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