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Track and Improve Your Company’s Diversity with HR DE&I Dashboard

In today’s business environment, investors, top talent, and potential partners are paying particular attention to a company’s values and culture as indicators of long-term stability.

They are increasingly turning to a set of criteria called DE&I – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion – to assess the strength of a company.

To compete for the best employees, top contracts, and even industry recognition, companies must be able to show they are hiring fairly, paying equitably, and displaying social responsibility.

With Papaya’s HR DE&I Metrics Dashboard, you can track your company’s performance in essential KPIs such as fair pay, gender distribution, employee attrition, and much more.

The HR DE&I dashboard is part of Papaya’s HR Analytics suite. Companies that manage their workforce through the Papaya Platform get the market-leading global workforce management tool AND a built-in dashboard to track global DE&I Metrics.

“The era of impact transparency has begun, and it is moving the goal posts for businesses and investors. Technology and Big Data have combined with longstanding efforts by many individuals and organizations to make the measurement and valuation of corporate impact a reality. With the arrival of impact transparency, impact and profit set the new rules of the game,” wrote Ronald Cohen, one of the world’s foremost venture capitalists.

It’s not only investors. Companies preparing for IPO need to demonstrate transparency about the company’s DE&I policies as part of the company’s equity story. Including substantial DE&I information in a company’s prospectus indicates a clear moral compass.

Papaya’s HR Analytics suite lets you track all workforce changes over time so that you are always in control. See real time statistics for your entire global workforce, per country, and in each department or cost center.

What We Track:

  • Gender Equality – the rate of hiring among women
  • Diversity – the rate of hiring among minorities
  • Turnover and Retention – how effective the company is at keeping its employees
  • Fair Pay – the distribution of salaries, including the ratio of highest to lowest per country
  • Seniority Structure – how long your employees have been with the company
  • Age Distribution – the median age of your employees

The HR DE&I Metrics Dashboard provides the statistic you need to track you company’s progress and to display your success in areas of social responsibility.

Plan Growth and Improve the Employee Experience

Papaya’s HR Analytics suite lets you track all workforce changes over time so that you are always in control.

The suite of HR dashboards provides a wealth of actionable information to track all aspects of your global workforce in real time and from one place. Plan your growth and implement programs to improve the employee experience. One automated analytics suite brings together all your internal workforce statistics.

The dashboards include proactive alerts letting you know when contracts or important documents such as work permits and passports are due to expire. The suite also keeps track of important anniversaries so that its easy to show your workforce that you are thinking about them on their special days.

In short, you get the insight you need to measure the health of your company, insights that allow HR to adjust strategies. For example, your attrition rate and retention rate provide an accurate picture of your hiring success in real time.

No more manual workforce reports that are constantly out of date.

Papaya Delivers the Payroll and Payments Solution You Need

Hiring abroad or managing a global workforce can be a daunting task. Our mission is for you to regain control of your global spending. We offer complete transparency through direct access to our local partners, a consolidated overview of your global payrolls, EoRs, and contractors, and fixed pricing without hidden fees.

The Papaya platform integrates with your HRIS and ERP and ensures full legal compliance. Team members are paid in their local currency and receive payslips in their native language through our secure worker’s portal – Papaya Personal.

Contact us to learn more about Papaya’s HR Analytics suite and our total global workforce management solution.