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Your Global Expansion Resources in One Place – The Company Hub

Hiring and managing a global workforce requires access to resources and experts. Reliable information on the local economies is scattered and limited in scope. You need access to employment experts to guide the process, up-to-date tax information across the globe, and guides to global salary benchmarks, benefits, and much more.

Now, thanks to Papaya’s new Company Hub, you can find everything you need right at your fingertips, all just a click away.

The new Company Hub is an innovative “Center of Expertise” for onboarding and managing a workforce in more than 160 countries. It brings together everything necessary to go global – from expert guidance to real time resources – all in one place.

It contains direct access to Papaya’s team of experts, essential guides for onboarding in all relevant countries, and information on everything from compensation and benefits to equity management, immigration, labor laws and more – all tailored to each client.

If clients have questions, they have direct access to Papaya’s legal team, specialists in immigration, benefits, employment law, and much more. They can also find support guides to the Papaya Platform to get the most out of Papaya’s solution.

Best of all, it’s all part of our platform service, available to all our clients at no additional cost.

A Channel for Essential Updates on Tax and Law Changes

The Company Hub is a ground-breaking information center that brings together all the scattered and hard-to-find information in one place for easy access.

It also serves as a channel for essential updates. Clients can visit the Company Hub and find out about tax changes they need to implement in the countries where they operate. Papaya can send updates on product improvements, new features, and general information that can help you get more value from Papaya.

The Company Hub includes:

  • Salary benchmarks in 160+ countries based on real time resources
  • Easy access to our Global Expert Team in areas including legal, global employment, global equity management, taxes, immigration, and benefits
  • Information tailored to each client based on their global operations
  • Guides to onboarding and offboarding requirements for each location
  • Platform Support guides
  • Onboarding tracking tool
  • Best practice and strategies for managing a global workforce
  • Library of contract templates for every country – employment contractors, IP, and non-compete

In addition, each client’s Company Hub contains enhanced country guides for each location the client operates. The guides contain a wealth of information about tax and labor laws, benchmarks, benefits, and much more.

Get the Papaya Experience in People, Payroll, and Payment Management

Papaya offers a complete solution for the total workforce, supporting all types of global workers (payroll, EoR, and contractors) in over 160 countries.

Our automated, cloud-based SaaS payroll software provides an end-to-end solution, from onboarding and people management to payroll processing to payments.

The automated platform ensures payroll compliance, provides benefit management, and ensure data privacy in compliance with GDPR. Papaya’s knowledge center provides updated information on salary benchmarks, mandatory benefits, tax rates, and more – everything you need to know before hiring overseas.

Contact us for a strategic consultation on our global workforce management platform.