What is a GDPR Data Processing Agreement?

A DPA ensures that the company is compliant with applicable laws and regulations regarding data protection. Here is everything you
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Contractor Management

1099-MISC vs 1099-NEC: Differences and Instructions

Your coworkers finally found a freelancer or independent contractor to perform the work they need. As a finance manager, you’ll
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Payroll Security 101

Payroll Security 101: The Basic Steps

Find out the steps to ensure your payroll security, and prevent potential threats.
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A statutory employee
Contractor Management

What Is a Statutory Employee 

A statutory employee is considered a contractor in some aspects and an employee in others. Here is the full meaning
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The Risks of Taking a Non-Professional Direct EoR Relationship

Here are some of the risks of working directly with local EoR partners, which will help you avoid these worrying
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Man standing on tightrope
CEO Corner

2022 Left Us Guessing at Each Twist and Turn. What Can We Learn for 2023?

2022 was the year the payroll industry earned its MBA, learning more about how to handle the unknown, and how
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1099 vs W2 employees
Contractor Management

The Difference between 1099 vs W-2 Employee

The comparison between 1099 worker, and a W2 employee. An independent contractor isn’t a full-time employee.
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Global Workforce

December National Holidays

December national holidays around the world listed
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Non residential payroll
Global Payroll

What is a Non-Residential Payroll

In 2022, it’s becoming more and more common to run a business in a foreign country without officially setting up
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