Shachar Ben-David

A SFSU graduate with Master’s from TAU, Shachar – a decade-plus content marketing expert – is a leading researcher and writer in Papaya Global’s marketing team, regularly diving into cross-border payments and employment topics and delivering in-depth coverage, analysis, and insights on the issues at the core of global workforce management.


How to Prevent Payment Fraud

Ensuring payment security & fraud prevention is crucial in the digital era to protect against financial losses, reputational damage, and
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Top 10 Best Payroll Payments Companies

A payroll payments company enables paying employees globally. To choose the right payments company, check out the pros and cons
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Top 10 Global payroll companies
Global Payroll

Top 10 Best Global Payroll Companies

A global payroll company enables payroll processing globally. To choose the right payroll company, check out the pros and cons
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Global Workforce

Don’t Bank on It: Why Fintechs Are Replacing Correspondent Banks

As banks become increasingly reluctant to provide correspondent banking services, new players fill the void in the cross-border payments space
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About Papaya

Ping Pong at the Super Bowl: Game-changing Workforce Payments

With its new Super Bowl Ad, Papaya Global blends ping-pong with football, presenting a fresh take on global workforce payments
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