Ian Giles

Global Payroll Leader, Advisor & Mentor | Creating and Executing Strategies, Implementation & Turnaround activities to Improve Organisational Outcomes.

Global Payroll

Traditional vs Modern Approaches to Payroll

Manual data entry vs. automation, real-time analysis, and direct deposit. Traditional vs Modern Payroll.
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Parallel Testing

Parallel Testing: A Simple Guide

Parallel testing is one of the most critical steps in ensuring a smooth payroll system implementation. Check out the full
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Contingent worker
Contractor Management

Are employees getting short-changed?

Misclassification of contingent workers often stems from financial motives or ignorance. Some knowingly violate the law, while others lack knowledge.
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EU pay transperancy

How the EU’s ‘Pay Transparency Directive’ Will Help Close the Wage Gap 

Are you aware of the 13% pay gap in Europe? Learn how the Pay Transparency Directive aims to end pay
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What is an Employer of Record

The Role of an Employer of Record Explained

Hiring employees abroad is a challenge. You cannot legally hire workers in countries where your business does not have a
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