Additional Services

30 September, 2021

Papaya offers additional services according to the customer’s request:

ImmigrationAssistance with issuing work permits or visas as well as sponsoring the work permits to allow foreign workers to work outside of their country of citizenship.
Benefits AdministrationProvide mandatory and supplemental benefits to all types of Workers.
Equity/RSU processingSupport every type of equity plan of the Company (e.g. RSU, ESOP, ESPP) for all types of contracts of Workers (payroll, employer of record, and contractors), including plan management to ongoing tax calculations.
Background ChecksProvide background checks for Workers.
Compensation BenchmarksProvide the Company with customized benchmarking data for each applicable country, including salaries and benefits.
Center of Excellence (COE) consultancyProvide subject matter expertise on all matters related to benefits, employment laws, compliance, human resource, and immigration.